How it Works

Lynda Woolf is open and congenial and makes you feel right at home as she is very relaxed and open in her manner and the way in which she works. It is like talking with your best friend who has known you your whole life. Lynda adapts herself to each individual person creating a sense of trust and integrity and this has been the hallmark of her success. Lynda’s clientele spans the globe from Russia across Europe to Asia and the United States. Lynda is a world famous and well respected Psychic Coach & Intuitive. If you have questions, doubts or want to know the future she is the go to consultant/coach.

Virtual Sessions & In Person

Lynda is available for consults virtually using:

Payment required in advance when having a virtual session

Lynda is available for consults in person & you pay at the time of service.

To set an appointment with Lynda please go to her online scheduling page or email her at: [email protected]