About Me

Studies & Career Experience

Lynda began studies in philosophy and Eastern religions during the 70’s and continues to study and explore today. This was to change the way she approached her life and over the years it became a way of life that enabled her to continue moving forward creating a better and more compassionate way of life.

Lynda has worked with FBI, Police Depts and has been featured on TV programs such as Unsolved Mysteries. She has been in the L.A. Times, People Magazine, Expat Living, Reno Gazette many more. Lynda hosted her own call in radio program for three years. She has held workshops and created Self Improvement cards to help others in their growth process which has received great reviews.


Lynda attended Los Angeles High and community college….after which she attended courses at UCLA. She studied under Thelma Moss and Don Torres and worked with many independent masters and courses such as Baird T. Spalding: Masters of the Far East; Alice Bailey: Twenty four Books of Eastern Philosophy; Emmett Fox: The Golden Key and many others including Chronicles of Tao: The Secret Life of a Taoist Master: Ming-dao Deng … and still continues her studies which are ongoing.