Discovery & Independence

Today and tomorrow are strong for discovering new and possibly improved ways of relating, nurturing, and healing.

Allowing our loved ones more freedom to be themselves can be in focus. We might enjoy a stronger sense of independence and encouragement, or these things serve as powerful motivators

Break through obstacles, to find alternative methods of going after what we want, and to take progressive action or to take the lead.

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What You Can Expect This Week

This week brings opportunity to take the lead /action regards healing, cleansing and meeting your own needs so as to meet the needs of others as well.

You may feel motivated to take action to move forward that will require you to think outside your norm. Ask, what can I do to move forward in a productive way? I am in a position to really look inside and ask myself what are my values and priorities.

Take advantage of this time and look deep inside to find what you truly want for yourself and ask… are you close to that goal and how can you enhance your life.

Thought of the Week